When to go to Ubatuba

The worse traffic you get is on holidays, fridays and sundays, for obvious reasons. A lot of Brazilians love Ubatuba, many of them have houses here, so, every weekend a lot of people comes and goes from here. On Friday after work, and Sunday after lunch there's always some traffic. If the holiday is on Friday or Monday it gets worse.

If it's Friday or holiday; come late at night with an experienced driver.


October to April we have warm and hot weather (min. +24ºC max +36°C)

less waves

May to September we have chilling and cold (min +14°C max +27ºC)

more waves

What to pack

As you saw above, it depends on which season are you coming to.

Just consider that: more sun, hot weather, more rains. We have the ocean and a huge mountain the other side, sometimes blocking the clouds.

Where to stay

The most famous option for foreigners is the Green Haven hostel:


The best location for bars, restaurants, nearby bus stations is Dona Benedita:


Ubatuba professional guide: +5511985323778

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