• Daniel Felipe Santos

Movie scenario: Go Home / Turistas

Wonderful and interesting place to visit: Jundu bar at Prumirim beach.

That's classy, so beautiful that the directors of "Go Home / Turistas" choosed this place to be this magic beach some lost tourists found and drunk until morning.

In the movie they were stolen, but that was necessary for the story. Real world is: there's no risk there. It's a very selected place and very calm too as almost all Ubatuba where you can walk until midnight without any security problems, considering we are in Brazil that's a bless.

Also you can see Prumirim waterfall which is in the road before the beach entrance, but be careful it's not allowed to park your car at the road, fin a parking lot around, there's one available after the bridge above Prumirim waterfall.

Security tips: if the rain start fast and strong at São Luís do Paraitinga or Cunha we probably will have a water trunk at the waterfall. Also Prumirim beach requires caution for swimming, keep the water at your waist and you will be fine.

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