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Desert beach in Ubatuba

Lagoon beach is amazing and desert, perfect for swimming in Atlantic Ocean and a wonderful still lagoon. Lagoon water ins not freshwater, it's a mixture of rain water with salty water, because when we have high tide the ocean and the lagoon get connected, and waters mix up.

Here you can see some pictures took on the trail, and over the beach at lagoon beach in Ubatuba SP Brazil:

Here it's possible to see clearly the lagoon, the Atlantic Ocean and a little portion of sand, also it's possible to see some leads over the sand, indicating where the last wave stopped.

Here we can see the hole extension of this lagoon, indicate for those who don't want to swim in the ocean, but prefer calm waters to practice this sport.

Here we can see the hole extension of Lagoon beach from the trail, wich is inside the Mata Atlântica rain forest.

This is your guide in Ubatuba: DAN. This picture was took on July 06th 2019. That means winter in Ubatuba, when it's perfect to practice trekking: cold weather (+15º Celsius), not much rain, and sunny days.

This is a native Mata Atlântica flower, one of colorful that we can see during our journey.

This area is located behind the trees over Lagoon beach. It was touched by men in the past, ans it's connected to the next photo here:

This is part of Brazilian history, those walls were built hundreds of years ago. Are you curious to know what it is ? Just call DAN your Ubatuba guide and get to know this area with him: +5511985323778

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